At the heart of every academic institution lies a seamless coordination that ensures the smooth flow of administrative processes. Here at the Registrar's Office Coordination Section, we take pride in being the catalyst for effective communication and collaboration among students, faculty, and staff.
To facilitate and enhance the operational efficiency of the institution by coordinating vital functions related to student, faculty and management.

Ensuring a safe and secure environment is paramount to fostering a thriving academic community. Our dedicated team is committed to safeguarding the well-being of students, faculty, staff, and visitors. We work tirelessly to create a secure and welcoming campus where everyone can focus on learning, teaching, and pursuing their passions.


  • Campus Patrol and Monitoring
  • Emergency Response
  • Access Control
  • Safety Education and Outreach
  • Risk Assessment and Prevention
  • Collaboration and Support

Transport (Operations & Maintenance )
Assisting in managing LTV transport fleet operation and all matters related to the maintenance and repair of LTV transport.